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Body Armor Accessories - Body Armor

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  • VestCooler Kit

    VestCooler Kit with Air Extender


  • Bio-TAC Ordor Eliminator

    Bio-TAC Odor Eliminator


  • Bio-TAC K9 Odor Eliminator

    Bio-TAC K9 Odor Eliminator


  • Underwater Kinetics UK Vest Hanger

    Underwater Kinetics UK Vest Hanger



5 Item(s)

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Body armor provides essential protection for law enforcement professionals and others in dangerous situations. However, that armor must be properly cared for in order to continue protecting you, and you’ll find a number of other body armor accessories are useful, as well. We offer access to a range of accessories, including Bio-Tac Odor Eliminator and hangers specially designed for vests and plate carriers. We also offer a vest cooling system to help vent heat from within body armor to the outside, keeping the wearer cooler during use, and helping to prevent odor buildup in the first place. Choose from body armor accessories from manufacturers like VestCooler, Bio-Tac and UK, and ensure you’re able to keep your armor in good condition at all times.

Body Armor Accessories
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