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  • High Speed Gear - New Products at Streicher's


    Streicher's is now proudly offering High Speed Gear nylon duty gear! High Speed Gear products are battle proven nylon duty gear for all public safety professionals. Their duty gear products range from handcuff pouches to pistol magazine pouches and everything in between. High Speed Gear also provides rugged dependable duty belts, gear bags, and plate carriers.

    Always free shipping available over $129. Looking to buy in bulk? Contact [email protected] your PO request. Promo code HIGHSPEED no longer valid, sign up for our newsletter for current promotion codes.

  • Active Shooter Kits - New Products at Streicher's


    Dependable body armor is a necessity; it can literally save your life. That's why we carry a complete line of plate carriers and ballistic plates to protect you on the job. Streicher's Active Shooter Kits combine the popular Condor MOPC Plate Harness with a pair of ballistic plates, designed to be quickly swapped out when the situation on duty calls for it.

    There are three main Active Shooter Kits available:


    Replacement ballistic plates are available. In addition to plate carriers, concealable vests, and ballistic equipment, Streicher's also carries a full line of body armor accessories from MOLLE pouches and bags to vest hangers and odor eliminators.

    Order your Active Shooter Kit from Streicher's today and always be protected in the line of duty. Available to licensed LE officers only.

  • Nordic Components - New Products at Streicher's


    Streicher's is your source for law enforcement and public safety equipment and gear. We are proud to carry Nordic Components, based right here in Minnesota. Their lowers and uppers are becoming standard issue components of every rifle builder's kit. Currently we have a surplus of these two parts:

    .223/5.56 Stripped Mil-Spec Forged Lower - $79.99

    .308/7.62 Stripped Billet Aluminum Upper and Lower Receiver Set - $299

    Begin building your next rifle today with Nordic Components parts from Streicher's!

    These Nordic Component parts are available exclusively to Minnesota & Wisconsin residents. Need to order with PO or Net Payment Terms? Contact Streicher's today to request Agency Access for your department. 

  • Mack's Hearing Protection Gear - New Products at Streicher's


    Streicher's is proud to carry the Mack's line of shooting accessories! Since 1982, Mack's has provided ear plugs, electronic hearing protection, shooting glasses and cleaning wipes to modern shooters concerned for their hearing health. Mack's is the #1 doctor recommended brand and top-selling earplugs company in America, and Streicher's is proud to carry them in service to law enforcement.

    Streicher's is your headquarters for rifle, pistol and shotgun equipment! From AR and pistol magazines to gun cleaning kits and ear protection, we work with the industry's top brands to bring you you the most trusted products available. Shop top manufacturers such as Magpul, Otis, Trijicon, and GunVault.

    Shop Mack's Ear Protection and shooting supplies at Streicher's today.

    Streicher's has always free shipping on all orders over $129. Looking to buy in bulk? Contact [email protected] for more information.

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